I work with adults, couples, and families who are struggling with issues of intimacy, the push-pull of relationships, parenting, trauma, anxiety and depression. In a supportive, engaged, and interactive working relationship, I will help you identify your strengths and help you understand how you might set up roadblocks to your success. The goal of our work would be to work through your emotional struggles and to learn new ways of coping.

I will help you gain self awareness and insight into your behavior, so that you can change old patterns and develop new, more successful ways of being you—in life, in work and in love.

My treatment specialties include: working with adolescents, eating disorders, parenting issues, infertility issues, as well as pregnancy loss, anxiety and depression. I also have a strong interest in the impact of trauma on second generation holocaust survivors. 

I work with patients in a collaborative way which facilitates your treatment goals and hopes to improve the quality of your life. I work to build a trusting, personal connection in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. I think of therapy as designing your own "tool box"- a creative personal problem-solving kit.